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    It’s time to tell everyone why Retail Matters

    Retail Matters week is launched today.  You will have seen some activity in the last few weeks, but we really want to see a big splash this week so don’t forget to tell BCSC why retail matters to you! So what can you expect to see this week?  Today and tomorrow we will see some

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    12 days til launch!

    Retail Matters week is now only two weeks away. You may still be wondering what you can do to get involved.  Well there are three really easy and simple things you can do to show why retail matters! 1. Download the logo and banner and display with pride over the week (don’t forget 9th-15th February)

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    Hassan tell us how Retail Trust has helped him

    When he joined the retailRIGHT programme in Leicester, Hassan had been unemployed for a year. At the age of 20, having completed a year studying accountancy at college, but upon leaving before completing the course, Hassan – like many others – discovered that a great many obstacles barred the way to gainful employment. Indeed, after

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    How retail matters to intu properties

    Retail Matters so let’s shout about it!  As Chair of the BCSC Community Engagement Working Group I welcome the opportunity to thank all the BCSC members serving on the Group and the BCSC staff team for the huge amount of time and commitment given to get us to the launch of ‘Retail Matters’ week, an

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    Welcome to Retail Matters

    Welcome to Retail Matters website, your hub for information on working in retail and best practice in employment schemes. Retail Matters is a campaign organised by BCSC for the retail property sector to be able to celebrate and discuss the social improvement projects their retail developments get involved in at both a corporate and shopping

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